Our Approach

At L & K Properties we focus on the relationship, rather than the sale.  Because we take the time to understand the needs of the individual customer, we have the right perspective for recommending the best solutions.  Our interactive presentations enable the customer to make the best choice and ensure a mutually beneficial relationship between our company and the homeowner.

A Sales Model with a Unique Perspective

  • Trust is the foundation of our business relationships. “Do to others as you would have them do to you” is more than a great philosophy; it is the cornerstone of our company and we always concentrate on the relationship over the sale.
  • Discovering and understanding the needs of each customer provides the right perspective for helping every customer find the perfect solution.
  • Interactive presentations focus on solutions and provide the information and insight homeowners need to make informed choices.
  • We seek to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.
  • Our Production Model
  • Logistics that are well communicated and a strong fuocs on customer satisfaction is the formula for our success.
  • Performance is essential and we never compromise on delivery of quality products and workmanship, according to schedule.
  • Our method ensures accuracy and adherence to our strict standard for craftsmanship and service.

Meet the Team

L & K Properties is owned and operated by Larry P. & Kristin M. Stidman.  They founded the company with the purpose of empowering homeowners to make informed decisions for their properties.  Our goal is to be a progressive flagship in our industry, while remaining faithful to our mission of excellence in workmanship and service.  Larry and Kristin feel blessed with the opportunity to work with families and homeowners around the state.


Larry & Kristin Stidman


Next Steps...

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